3150 N. Lake Shore Drive Garage and Parking



·         Valet parking around the clock

·         Option for weekly or biweekly car wash & vacuum at a minimal cost

·         Ground level entrance and exit. You drive no ramps !

·         Need your car? Call the front desk, they will radio the hikers

·         Car scheduling board for irregular morning schedules

·         4-story structure with hiker elevator

·         Air hose for filling car or bike tires

·         One of the lowest monthly rates in the neighborhood. $160.00 per month for residents

·         Rental available for up to two cars per unit

·         Motorcycles are also parked in our garage

·         Neighbors can also rent parking, subject to availability

·         Some bicycle storage is in the garage area 



Arrange ahead to have your car ready at any fixed time in the morning.

If your schedule becomes erratic, use the scheduling board near the

waiting area to indicate your new pickup time.






Our hikers use a personal elevator to move between floors. The result ?

Your car is delivered promptly and efficiently !



Ask about long-term parking and our available wrap service for your car.

Your car will be stored out of the way while you are away.

Web Site :

3150 North Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association, Chicago, IL